ASA-2019-00621 – Samba: AD DC check password script does not receive the full password

Since Samba Version 4.5.0 a Samba AD DC can use a custom command to verify the password complexity. The command can be specified with the "check password script" smb.conf parameter. This command is called when Samba handles a user password change or a new user password is set. The script receives the new cleartext password string in order to run custom password complexity checks like dictionary checks to avoid weak user passwords. When the password contains multi-byte (non-ASCII) characters, the check password script does not receive the full password string.

ASA-2019-00617 – MikroTik RouterOS: Insufficient Validation of Upgrade Package’s Origin

RouterOS 6.45.6 Stable, RouterOS 6.44.5 Long-term, and below insufficiently validate where upgrade packages are download from when using the autoupgrade feature. Therefore, a remote attacker can trick the router into "upgrading" to an older version of RouterOS and possibly reseting all the system's usernames and passwords.