Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment

It is one of the first steps towards a mature and efficient process in Information Security. Our researchers and analysts will be available to identify potential threats and vulnerabilities that might affect your business. This will help to properly prioritize investments in Information Security. During the process, we identify the most likely threats, attack vectors, attack surface, weaknesses, assets of high and low importance and everything important for the welfare of your business.

We develop a threat model based on your reality imagining and thinking like a real attacker. This enables better risk management by investing properly. We take into account various threat actors such as nation states, criminals, malicious employees (insiders) and others.

An efficient threat model needs to take into account real threats to the business.

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With the enormous complexity of an IT environment nowadays, it is quite difficult to properly direct investments in Information Security and to avoid resources being invested in points of lesser importance.

We understand that the ideal is to correct all the vulnerabilities present in a system, but in practice it has proven to be an impossible task due to the enormous amount and complexity of the applications that are necessary in the day to day business. Therefore, there will always be a risk to be accepted.

Our Threat Modeling and Risk Assessment service might minimize the risk, contact us to find out.

How to defend correctly without knowing what are your threats?

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