Computing Week of Federal University of Bahia 2019

From March 21 to 24, 2019, will be happening in Salvador the Computer Week of Federal University of Bahia 2019 (SEMCOMP 2019). SEMCOMP is an event that moves forward the computer community of the state of Bahia. Held by Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and supported by respectable companies, the event brings together students, companies, professionals and researchers for four days of much information and shared knowledge. Among the speakers, the event has already had great national and international names. We will be present at the event by giving a presentation entitled "Reducing Linux kernel Attack Surface" in which we aim to share with the audience a little of our knowledge about attack and defense to the Linux kernel.

5º Edition NullByte Security Conference

Next Saturday (10/11) will be held the 5th edition of the NullByte Security Conference. NullByte is a technical and offensive security conference on information security that happens annually in Salvador, Bahia. We will be there, attending the conference and making more connections. Find our people who will be happy to chat with you. We were present in all previous editions and this year will not be different, besides being there, we also have the pleasure of being one of the sponsors. We believe in the differential that the conference brings to the country and the state of Bahia by bringing together professionals and students to discuss technical and advanced information security issues. So we decided to join the cause and help one more time. In a past edition, we were grateful to be able to make a presentation about rootkits, the material is available in our publications section. This year the conference will have presentations about hacking using Github, Windows kernel, red teaming, remotely exploiting memory corruption vulnerabilities and much more.

Introducing, Allele Security Intelligence

In 2018 Allele Security Intelligence was born. This is an initiative that aims to offer differentiated services of consulting, intelligence, training and research to the national and international market of Information Security. The word Allele means a variant of a given gene and is a shortened form of the word allelomorph which comes from Latin and can be understood as "Another form". It is with this inspiration that Allele Security Intelligence was born, a company that aims to offer another form of security.