Kernel exploitation


In this training the student will learn what is needed to write kernel space exploits. The training will follow a theoretical and practical (hands-on) approach. We will first discuss the theoretical underpinnings of exploiting vulnerabilities in kernel space and then discuss in detail how vulnerabilities occur and how we can exploit them. In the end we will discuss the protections and mitigations that aim to make it difficult to exploit vulnerabilities in kernel space and how we can circumvent them.


Our methodology aims that anyone understands the content of our training. We seek to explain the fundamental concepts clearly, to avoid jargons and unfamiliar terms, to pass the content in several ways to help in fixing the content. Not to mention that our training has a great practical approach, hands-on.

The list of prerequisites are:

  • C and assembly programming
  • Basic knowledge about operating system and computer architecture
  • Basic knowledge about memory management
  • Exploiting user space vulnerabilities
  • Debugging

What’s more, our training is tailored to the knowledge and experience of the class. This is your chance to expand your knowledge and reach the next level in your career.


  • Access to the private mailing list for students
  • Updated content
  • Practical Training (Hands-on)
  • Accessible language
  • Experienced instructor

Target audience

Security Researchers
Security Analysts
Malware Analysts
Penetration Testers
Security Companies
Computer Science and Computer Engineering Students
Law enforcement agents
Anyone willing to learn and practice software exploitation

Upcoming Training

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Day 01

Computer architecture and operating systems
Memory management
Work and research environment

Day 02

Difference between user space and kernel space
Kernel space vulnerabilitiesDebugging

Day 03

Kernel internals
Example of kernel vulnerabilities and its exploitation
Dynamic allocation in kernel space and its issues

Day 04

Mitigations and bypassesMicro-architectural and hardware vulnerabilities
Conclusion and future

* The agenda is subject to change.