ASA-2019-00495 – Kubernetes kube-state-metrics: Secret content disclosure in metrics

An experimental feature was added to the v1.7.0 release that enabled annotations to be exposed as metrics. By default, the kube-state-metrics metrics only expose metadata about Secrets. However, a combination of the default `kubectl` behavior and this new feature can cause the entire secret content to end up in metric labels thus inadvertently exposing the secret content in metrics.

ASA-2019-00492 – Kubernetes: API server allows access to custom resources via wrong scope

This vulnerability allows access to a cluster-scoped custom resource if the request is made as if the resource were namespaced. Authorizations for the resource accessed in this manner are enforced using roles and role bindings within the namespace, meaning that a user with access only to a resource in one namespace could create, view update or delete the cluster-scoped resource (according to their namespace role privileges).

ASA-2019-00471 – FreeBSD: Bhyve out-of-bounds read in XHCI device

The pci_xhci_device_doorbell() function does not validate the 'epid' and 'streamid' provided by the guest, leading to an out-of-bounds read. A misbehaving bhyve guest could crash the system or access memory that it should not be able to.

ASA-2019-00470 – FreeBSD: Reference count overflow in mqueue filesystem

System calls operating on file descriptors obtain a reference to relevant struct file which due to a programming error was not always put back, which in turn could be used to overflow the counter of affected struct file. A local user can use this flaw to obtain access to files, directories, sockets etc. opened by processes owned by other users. If obtained struct file represents a directory from outside of user's jail, it can be used to access files outside of the jail. If the user in question is a jailed root they can obtain root privileges on the host system.