Introducing, Allele Security Intelligence

In 2018 Allele Security Intelligence was born. This is an initiative that aims to offer differentiated services of consulting, intelligence, training and research to the national and international market of Information Security. The word Allele means a variant of a given gene and is a shortened form of the word allelomorph which comes from Latin and can be understood as “Another form”. It is with this inspiration that Allele Security Intelligence was born, a company that aims to offer another form of security.

One of our differentials is the focus on research and development to be able to offer the latest, efficient and innovative. We strongly believe in the power of knowledge and investment resources for the development of new solutions and products.

Another difference is that we take efficiency seriously. One of our concerns since the foundation has focused on in-house studies and analysis to verify the effectiveness of the services offered by the Information Security industry. We have come to the conclusion that information security investments are not always done properly and instead of helping the company to properly manage risk, they end up having the opposite effect by creating an illusion of security or even increasing risk. At Allele Security Intelligence we evaluate our services to guarantee the client the best and fastest return on investment. During any engagement, we will try to prove this through studies carried out throughout our working period.

Our third differential is our specialty, intelligence. We collect and analyze information and offer our customers relevant and unique insights for your business taking into account your threat model. Our intelligence is focused on vulnerabilities and threats collected through the main public and private sources as well as the research conducted by our team. We aim to help our customers by keeping them well informed and helping them to properly manage the risk posed by the real threats to their business.

In addition to intelligence, research and services, we also offer introductory and advanced training given by experienced professionals. Check out our training and service page to learn more.

Stay tuned to our updates.